3Strands Global August 07 2014

We are so excited to be carrying 3Strands Global!! This is a wonderful organization which strives to end sex trafficking world wide. Sex trafficking is a growing global enterprise driven by deception, coercion and force. Traffickers transport or detain their victims for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. This trade in rape for profit thrives in the absence of robust law enforcement to ensure the protection of the law for vulnerable children and women. 

Half of all proceeds from the purchase of 3Strands Global bracelets at Beach Love Boutique are donated to women saved from sex trafficking. These young women are given jobs creating beautiful jewelry to sustain themselves and start new lives. Support these women by shopping 3Strands Global!


Imagine a world free from sex trafficking - this is the vision of 3Strands. Our mission is to mobilize a worldwide community of individuals and organizations to positively change lives by investing in sustainable initiatives that fight sex trafficking.

Imagine this 3Strands worldwide community that invests the collective resources to help organizations already engaged in the fight with sustainable initiatives that creates jobs. Imagine individuals, organizations, corporations and non-profits, all coming together sharing and collaborating communities towards the common goal of a world free from sex trafficking.

We are stronger together than apart – one strand is weak, but three strands woven together into a cord is strong. By ourselves, we are just a whisper, but together we become a roar that can’t be denied. Imagine millions of us coming together shouting that sex trafficking is NOT OK, millions coming together to join the fight offering our time, talent and treasures – that is strength, that is community, that is resources, that is distribution and that is what 3Strands is called to do.  Please take a moment to learn more and help us roar by adding your voice of support. Take the first step by simply agreeing with us that sex trafficking is NOT OK.